Thursday, October 25, 2012

13th Years on after Kalpana Chakma

 Kalpana Chakma

Kalpana Chakma was a Woman leader of the Hill Women's Federation(HWF) a Chittagong Hill Tracts(CHT, based organisation in CHT.
She was vocal against army atrocities and also a good organiser.
She was abducted by BD army Lieutenant Mr. Ferdouse in 1996 on 12th June at midnight with the help of his souldier.
When the news apreadwide in the CHT the CHT ethnic people got angered and protested spontenously.
On 27th June when the people protesting the abduction the Bengali settlers killed 4 young people. there name is Rupan, Sukesh, Samar, Manatosh.
After heavy protest the incident got national and international support.
So the BD Govt. had to set up Judicial probe body to investgate the incident.
But after 13th years till now the BD Govt. did not even publish the the report.
And it is predicted that the said abductor still serving as an officer in the army.
We hope it will again get the national and international support so that the perpetrators get punishment.

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