Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vive for Hollande!

Mithun Chakma Jumma ‎'They failed because they did not start with a dream'- this is a quaotation of Shakespeare! i am amused that this is not a quotation of Great pla writer William Shakespeare but of Nicolas Shakespeare, the chief of the Daily Telegraph. And in France the Presidential election will go on. Presidential Socialist frontrunner Mr. François Hollande had picked up that quotation, reckoning perhaps playwri...te William Shakespeare's quotation, reported the newspapers. May be a murmuring soliloquay of Mr. Hollande recognising the Hero, Mr. Gabriel, of nicolas shakespeare's novel The vision of Elena Silva, from which Mr. Hollande noted down the quotation. Gabriel, in the novel, is a Maoist, who is going to fight again perhaps for 'a dream' after touching finishing line of failure, by his comrade-in-arms, with a new start. Vive for Hollande!

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