Friday, October 26, 2012

I will not devote myself blindly to anything

I wrote down the following feelings in a discussion on CHT VOICE FB Groups.
It is on a reply to Mr. Biplob Rahman's, comment, the moderator/admin of the group.


 The group admin has written that any kind of ANTI STATE and ANTI LAW AND ORDER ACTIVITIES" in the group must not be tolerable. I asked them what is the definition of ANTI STATE?


I wrote, "Dear Biplod Da, I don't know how one would separate between ANTI STATE and BESIDE STATE. From one's view STATE means the PEOPLE, NOT merely the LAW/THE MEn/Women made constitution. So Biplob Da, Will you clarify about the definition of "ANTI STATE" or "ANTI LAW AND ORDER"? I am confused."

"IF The Constitution of any country or The State itself exercise its might against humanity or if The State or The Constitution reject or discard its own history of pluralities, multicultural heritage then every human of That State or That Country Must/Should/have to fight against the REIGN of Jungle Tendencies. I personally believe it, maintain it, inherit it and exercise it. If Someone tagged me ANTI STATE by holding this Ideology I must SAY that YES you are right, i am ANTI STATE , even a Follower of the ANTI LAW, that means i dare to not to Care the LAW of the 'jungleeytes'. I am affirmed on it."


From my point of view if someone want to discuss on State, he/she must first clarify the definition of "STATE", Whose State it is, What kind of State it is? Without this answer i would not spontaneously devote my head upon it. 


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