Thursday, March 7, 2013

My concern on Shahbagh Movement

Dear Sir,

I think as demanding to be a conscious citizen of the Country, I must have to be concern on the on going Shahbagh movement. I tries here in the following write up to have a focus on that contemporary movement.

This writes up was mainly written after reading an article about shahbagh in an English Daily. But I am a bit swallowed by narcissism to better be convinced that it also relevant in any discussion about Shahbagh Movement.

So, I beg your pardon,  please have a look at it.

“Thanks to the writer to torch a light on this issue.

Shahbag movement probably could have been a new era for the New Bangladesh. But as you mentioned it is utterly trying to revive the cliche Slogan of the past the “Joy Bangla”.. That Slogan was and is now Cliche in terms of its ‘inner meanings’. At first, It is now under the hand of only for Awami League’s. And it is a slogan of ‘Chauvinism’ only. The second is its deepest meaning, that accumulate to repress the other ethnic minority people in the Country, which do not give a path of access to other Nationalities in the History and Cultures of the Country. We can cite the example by focusing the recent 15th amendment of BD Constitution. In that amendment no other than Bangalee Nation is recognised, as if Bangladesh is a homogenous country of only “Bangalee’s.

It is very much deplorable that we are hearing that cliche Slogan, Joy Bangla, from the Shahbagh Generation till now.

I think it is a kind of scarcity of advanced cultural or ideological movement in our country, for which we don’t care what is the meaning of revolutionary importance of a Slogan in Movement or Struggle.

Until and unless we foresee a highly advanced and fervent ideological knowledge in our Leaders, I think it is a long way to be needed for us to be confident in believing in the movement of the Shahbagh Generation or that kind of other movement.

But, We still hope to have spread rays something good from that movement.”

I want to go further by saying that, Shahbagh Movement has shown more Emotional zeal or fervour in expressing the wrath. emotion, anger, hatred etc. Whereas it should have also contained the deepest and profound conscious Ideological and Social pragmatism when dealing the various issues relating from War Crimes Tribunals, the verdicts,the two party dominance to religious cohesion and etc.

Here we, the fellow citizens or folks of the country, must warn and show our strong concern that things wouldn’t change if shahbagh, the Generation Square Movement, can’t get rid of ‘chauvinism’ ‘two party dominance circle’.

So the leaders of Shahbagh must and should focus on it or rather it would dissolve to let the other strong valor to burst out.


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