Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hugo Chavez, the Hero

He is a leader. He is a hero. He has died. He is Hugo Chavez.
Age 58. served 14 years for his land and for the whole world.

He was the President of Venezuela, light house of Latin America, Foe of USA.
He is a Socialist.
May he rest in peace with on going struggle for the whole world.

Someone asked, How I would react after hearing accusation from Venezuela Authority that USA planted cancer in Chavez's body.
I told, "What would it be changed if I believe USA did the Chavez death
in a hurry! I could only remember Chavez's name in the name. I don't
know how a 'Hero' should be measured. But his life heard by many, feared
by many, cheered by many, remembered by many, smeared by many, famed by
many also.
I regret that no one could arrange a life of Messiah in this temporary world and I don't need to bother about it."

Salute, Hugo Chavez.

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